Jupiter’s was established in 1997, by three Champaign locals, Carlos and Marco Nieto and Tifani Moot.  In the last decade, Jupiter’s has become widely recognized, and we attribute our success to the overwhelming support of our community. And Jupiter’s is committed to showing support in return.  We take our position in the community very seriously, and believe that giving back is of the utmost importance.  In addition to our many charitable events, and raffles, we would like to offer one more way to reach local groups for their fund raising needs.  Partner with us, and let us help your group!  If you are interested in more information about raising funds for your organization, please call us at 217-840-3235.



∞ Jupiter’s at the Crossing will provide certificates to your organization that you may sell to your supporters.


∞ Your group members will sell these certificates at the discounted price of $40.00.


∞  Your organization makes $20.00 on each certificate sold! Your supporters receive a savings of over $20 on products available at Jupiter's At The Crossing.


∞     At the end of the sell time you will pay $20.00 to Jupiter’s at the Crossing for each certificate not returned. Any certificates not sold may be returned to Jupiter’s.


∞  All  certificates are numbered.


∞    All lost or stolen cards are the responsibility of your club, group or organization.


∞  Jupiter’s at the Crossing REQUIRES one single person from your organization to be our contact. This person shall be issued the certificates, responsible for collection of funds and payment to Jupiter’s for the total amount sold or returning of unused certificates.



∞  Up front cost to your organization: $0.00


∞  No pre-booking orders OR delivery of goods at a later date.


∞  There is no limit to the number of coupons you may sell.


∞  Your organization keeps 50% of the amount raised in sales of certificates!


∞  Return extra certificates at no cost to your    organization.






Call 217-840-3235 Or E-Mail Us At J2Managers@Gmail.Com For More Information.